History 1952 till 2013   –   STIELOW-Signify Quality!   Since 61 Years!

1952: The first delivered air dehumidifier

Per bucketful … 1953 Intensive marketing campagne was started, Product and Logo were connected.


1954: STIELOW air dehumidifier protects from now on valuable objects with four different series, fully automatic and without substitute.

1954: Could water be always used? – Not always, STIELOW air dehumidifier is the solution for problems.

1954 stand for best references received from different sectors and waterworks.

1955: Most of us end with water up the neck, STIELOW  created help.

1957: STIELOW ELECTRIC-AIR DEHUMIDIFIER T 200 – at that time, the most powerful series with 3 performing ventilation.

STIELOW- Air dehumidifier was delivered with 5 different types of device.

1964: STIELOW-Air dehumidifier – Series type 70 – has been introduced at the Trade fair in Hannover. A strong performing device range set up new standards with 8 different models.

1972: The STIELOW EB 1 Automat is the worldwide the first device in performing both humidification and dehumidification, which was presented at the Hannover Trade fair show.

1976: Die Type 80 range offered modern devices,  already legendary by then,  STIELOW-Standard reached a  leading quality- which other manufacturers haven't.

1977: 25 years of air dehumidification in waterworks … Quarter of a century is reached in water processing system. A market segment over 60% has been achieved.

By disposing brochures STIELOW- air dehumidifier has become a firm conceptual entity in connection with waterworks and in many conditions could carry on for 49 years.

1984: The history set forth with room dehumidifier 2000 ELECTRONIC, which was available with a modern microprocessor control system and gained the price for design from Designer-Center in Stuttgart.

Protect your waterwork with STIELOW-High performance air dehumidifiers.

1987: The ECO’s was coming. Expansion for the first time in the device platform direction and targeting a panel idea.
Customers received complete equipped devices for all application sectors.

1984: The  "small refrigerant" handbook was published.

The trademark AIRDRY was registered at the patent authority. completely new products were flowing on the market.

The trademark "HANDY-DRY" was registered at the patent authority. A complete new series of product was developed and aimed for servicing businesses but also for fleetconsulting.

49 years of air dehumification in waterworks is reached. Last publishing of the successful broschure in 21 x 21 cm format.

2004:  The STIELOW-air dehumidifier range disclosed 25 devices.

"alu-frame-tec" is introduced. Development and Technique MADE IN GERMANY.
How could air turned into water?
The most frequently asked question.
Could water always be used?
STIELOW-Air dehumidifier protects.
Costs Reduction:
A dried room for 0,29 EUR per day.

What to do upon water damage?

Is humidity a problem for you?
Not for us.
Would like to know more on air dehumidification & air humidificaton?
Now and in future:
STIELOW solve your humidity problems.