Air Dehumidifier in waterworks
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The extensive range of accessories for STIELOW air dehumidifiers have become extremely popular and are therefore ordered by many customers. The wide range consists of 260 variants of equipments and of 1200 colour shades which can be selected.

It is obvious how useful this accessory can be in the waterworks from the STIELOW air dehumidifier HANDYDRY TG 20 illustrated here "on the  crane hook“.

We recommend in addition the purchase of carrying handles especially for the devices ECO 12P, ECO 10P. The air mixer box MG 500 and air mixer case  HH0 are available if the dehumidified air needs to be deliberately carried and blown out at the required location.
Special construction

STIELOW only manufacturer at its German Site. Development work is carried out entirely in-house from the initial draft to the finished end product. It is therefore always possible to allow changes, which serve technical progress and the improvement of the products, to take the short route into volume production.

Nevertheless, it is not always possible to comply with every customer request with stand products. For this reason the Special Construction Department has been operational for many years in production.

Here it is possible to take customer requirements into account and, for example, to build devices with a 2.5, 3 and 5 hp power output. Process engineering solutions can be offered here for condensation dryers which can also be integrated into pipework systems.
The device illustrated operates with a 2.5 hp unit in view of the forced ventilation for this special application which is specified by the building inspection authority.

The special construction components are of course integrated into the logistics of the long-term supply of spare parts.


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