Air Dehumidifier in waterworks
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Where water is required, treated or set under pressure...
...Damp water remains the most expensive and useless water that could be produced.

There is no better procedure as STIELOW's concept preventing water damp in waterworks systems.


STIELOW – the first manufacturer for transportable, electrical air dehumidifier.

The forming of damp water in waterworks has always been a problem to solve. The low temperature of water in pipelines, vessels, filters and so on, lead to room humidity. Through the inflow of warm and humid air from outside, damp water begin to form in all pipe lines and fittings.  Thus damaging the protected surface of the pipeworks, which could interrupt the electrical performance of equipment on site. Not only would this result to corrosion and procedures interruption but also the positive impression of our "Number 1- nutrition product" will be unsually considered.

Afterall the solving of damp water is a financial problem, which is happening continuously in waterworks. For this purpose, suitable resolution and craft workers are searched for the requirements.

STIELOW-Air dehumidifier is set for this resolution, alone in Germany 100.000 devices are being applied in waterworks with the best results and successes.

STIELOW was the first manufacturer in 1952, for the transportable, electrical air dehumidifier in the German market. STIELOW is thus the manufacturer with long time experiences and wide knowledge in the sector of air dehumidifier.

The advantages of STIELOW air dehumidifier are the maintenance-free and the saving in operating costs through lowest power consumption.