Air Dehumidifier in waterworks
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The Regulator

Humidity regulator ST-3

Humidity regulator is very important in processing with air dehumidifiers. Beside the integrated standard humidity regulator, other additional equipments are also preferred.

Furthermore to the well-known humidity regulator STIELOW  ST-3 and ST-4,  there is also a remote humidity regulator DEHUMID V1 available.

The additional humidity regulator is generally set between the electricity socket and the air dehumidity device.

Care should be taken on ordering, so that accessories and special requirements for all air dehumidifer could be ordered with electricity wire of length 10, 15, 20 and 30m.

The equipment ST-3 and V1 are available with integrated protectors and are suitable for all air dehumidifiers. The equipment ST-4 should only be used for device type with power supply of  420 W.

Now and then, this device could be applied in several areas – perhaps on site against water damage or at a restoration area.

May be used in painting areas or just for drying rooms- sometimes here and sometimes there...

There will be no complicated regulator technique needed, just a robust device that could be resisting and solid.

The "Building dryer" and other series of HANDYDRY fulfill these tasks.

Water damage – what to do ?

Humidity regulator

Dew point regulator

Frosting guard

Water pressure outflow
Condensate water pump KP 60
integrated in HANDYDRY TG 10
The 47 Litres-class