Air Dehumidifier in waterworks
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The STIELOW  principle of air dehumidification...

Water condensation arises through the condensation of highly humid air on cool surfaces. The STIELOW principle also works on this basis. Air dehumidifiers are then used in which the refrigerating unit constantly condenses and draws off the water content of the air. This is purely physical air dehumidification without the use of any chemicals. 

Free from damp water guaranteed

... e.g. in filtration and machine halls

The damp air is sucked through a fan and conveyed over the cooling surfaces (evaporator) of the refrigerating unit. There it is cooled to below dew point and the air humidity is separated off as condensed water. The dried air is warmed up again at the heat exchanger of the cooling unit so that the room temperature always remains constant.

This means: the STIELOW devices constantly collect the water condensation that is formed and pipes and containers remain permanently dry. Thus the problem of the routing formation of water condensation is solved once and for all.

A wide range of models is available for this air dehumidification in waterworkds which is suitable for all room size conditions. All devides are portable, apart from AIRDRY mini and AIRDRY compact plus and operate on a completely maintenance-free basis. The range of applications covers room temperatures from  -10ÉC to +40°C. They can be connected to 230 V alternating current at any normal earthed socket outlet. The hourly current consumption is betwween 150 and 950 Watts depending on the model.

Any area can be dehumidified with STIELOW. This applies to pipe ducts, machine halls, pumps cellars and access shafts as well as to water chambers and filter, ozone and pressurised installations.

The humidity is controlled via the relative air humidity with mechanical or electronic measurement. Freedom from water condensation is therefore always maintained an the necessary air humdity remains stable.  As accessories the separate regulator ST 3 and ST4 are available. The regulator V 1 is advantageous and offer: Freedom from water condensation guaranteed

The  65-130 Litres-class