Air Dehumidifier in waterworks
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The real cost-saving*:
a dried room for  0,29 EUR per day!

STIELOW-Air dehumidifier from the AIRDRY range with 12 different models, ECONOMY with 3 and the HANDYDRY with 5 devices provide a special range for use in the water supply companies.

Apart from a wide range of STIELOW-
Air dehumidifier devices for a wide applications, there are STIELOW-air dehumidifier specifically designed for waterworks, which reach optimum efficiency between 12° and 14°C. This is the contrast to air dehumidification devices which are not specifically designed for this area of application.

High vessels & Co.

With its comprehensive production equipment and a very complex range of accessories, special requirements can also be met which may be particularly important in the municipal field.

STIELOW-Air dehumidifiers in V2A design are therefore becoming increasingly popular. The advantages of carrying handle and crane hook designs are appreciated by customers. Completely sealed units can be supplied for open filter installations or rooms with aggressive air conditions. If the noise of the air dehumidifier is found to cause a disturbance, a special  ound absorbing ARMSTRONG designs can be supplied.

Marketing ideas have also penetrated into the utilities. The utility company must reveal itself through a "Clean and fresh" corporate identity.

It is helpful if the often intensive stock of ambient air dehumidification devices is colour matched and "fits the picture", if it bears the company colours. Thus STIELOW-air dehumidifiers are frequently supplied ex works in a very wide range of colour combinations and with the customer's logo- a service that we are pleased to undertake because the additional costs are transparent and which is now taken as much for granted by many customers as the proverbial "Municipal design".

Thus STIELOW- air dehumidifier has become a firm conceptual entity in connection with waterworks alongside standard motorized devices, the special gras care system, the road-sweeping machine and the snow plough.Minicipal businesses know that such performance is associated with the German production site and therefore do not purchase from suppliers of foreign devices.

*(Electricity consumption of STIELOW-Air dehumidifier AIRDRY 4)

The 13-47 Litres-class