Air Dehumidifier in waterworks
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STIELOW  dehumidified over 10.000 waterworks already

STIELOW-air dehumidifier offers economical solution with proper advantages:

high extraction of humidity in the room temperatures with low power consumption.

long life durability compressors, CFC-free

three range of products in series AIRDRY, ECONOMY and HANDYDRY for all sizes of rooms.

Materials used: Aluminium and hot dipped zinc coated sheet and coloured sheet is carefully pretreated.

Self-cleaning, closely laminated condensator, increased wall thickness,  STIELOW-air dehumidifier offers economical and advantageous solutions

Hot gas automatic defrost, connection for a continuous water outflow

municipal type in 1200 different colours with special customers' brandmarks and logos on request.

Operating panel

compact, ready for use, plug-in

extremely low costs

low noise, odourless

equipped in accordance with German Industrial Standard, VDE and UVV

maintenance-free, long life durability


highly durable

...e.g.  Fountain area

The 10 Litres-class
Narrow wellspring drilling, angled spring shaft or circled spring  – in many areas of water process, there is a problem which should certainly be considered.

Permanent forming of damp water is a great problem to solve.

This could cause regulators and other measuring devices to be interrupted. Air dehumidifier is useful, but with which techniques?

Fully loaded, heavy and  not easy-handling devices are not suitable in this area. Import devices for hobby rooms and living rooms are also not suitable for this requirement, where a low temperature occurs.

STIELOW as a flexible manufacturer offers 3 different devices for this area: Type AIRDRY mini plus, AIRDRY compact plus and AIRDRY 6 P plus. These devices are setup in accordance of the experiences accumulated after many years of water process.

The clever type is AIRDRY mini plus, small in size ( no problem in circled fountain), without any bucket used, this can be connected directly with a 3/4 inches pipeline or tube.

The elegant AIRDRY compact plus, which cling on the wall (for circled fountain, the dimension should be examined) has the advantage that the suction is done from the front of device and outflow is done upwards with the upper part.

The solid AIRDRY 6 plus, mobile and on wheels is also suitable for wall mounting. This device is well preferred in some sectors of the craft trade.