DRY YOUR CAR – STIELOW-Air Dehumidifier –against rust, corrosion, Aluminium damage and more...
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STIELOW-Air dehumidifier
Products from traditional manufacturer– made in Germany.

The principles of STIELOW-Air dehumidifying

The STIELOW- principles are well-proven over decades and optimising the techniques continuously. Many devices of STIELOW Air dehumidifier, after 61 years of experience in this construction, have turned to be the classical equipment  and still working without any complain after decades.

The STIELOW-principle is referred to the heating-pump-principle. The available condensation of air dehumidification is in accordance with high reliabililty and low energy consumption realised.

The production of STIELOW air dehumidifier is performed exclusively in Germany since established.

The principles of STIELOW air dehumidification allows a high performance in liters per KW hour used. STIELOW does not produce synthetic equipments or disposable products.

These devices have been targeted for a long period of achievement. Reliability and quality stand in the first place, thus reaching a leading position on the international market.

STIELOW air dehumidifier has been in research for decades, development and production are well- known in all regions. With application for water process, you reach the leading position in supplying techniques and municipal techniques as well as in industries, craft trades and businesses.

The connection with the vehicle is proven from the automobile industries over decades. International collectors, lovers and friends of the classic cars and exclusive vehicles esteem STIELOW air dehumidifiers, which are distributed worldwide to famous classic cars collectors and also applied in their garages. We connect technique and care with the vehicle.

Room air dehumidifier solve problems confidentialy and preserve your possession.

It is about plug-in device, which is available in 25 different types for all size of rooms and halls.

STIELOW air dehumidification – highest performance, long application period.