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The maintenance of vehicle

Maintenance car cleanser for visible and invisible application is nowadays on a high standard. Basically it is possible to guarantee a far extended optimal care for Leather, chrom, rubber and so on....

Furthermore there is efficient corrosive protector available, still it is observed after some years that the trend has taken another turn- "Back to the original".

Collectors and well-known restorers give value for original vehicles and the application of protection products available against corrosion is limited .

The expanded dry-ice-blast stream usage has consequently attained an orignal metal sheet component, which ( free from underneath protection and flexible conserving process) has a high risk potential and less to set against the damage of water, chemical and corrosion.

"California at home"

In using STIELOW air dehumidifier you are solving problems like rust, corrosion, contact corrosion, aluminium damage, wood damage, lost of veneer, Electrical damage, intruments oxidisation,  mouldy leather, unwanted odour in the vehicle interior accessories, damage of roof cover and hood lining.

The envious advantage of Vehicles in california, is for european possible to achieve in the garage and parking area.

The power consumption is low, the aquisition cost is perceivable and the long efficient duration is of importance. There is no occasion, where the STIELOW air dehumidifier,  which has been in process in connection with classic cars of expensive vehicle, has not been amortised after a short period.

Bet on the standard economical vehicle preservation: air dehumidifier from STIELOW. Robust and reliable, completely equipped and in 1200 selecting colours, your favourite is also available.

DRY YOUR CAR or „California at home“ – let us prove it, request our visit and our unbinding advice.

DRY YOUR CAR or „California at home“,
The right air humidity make the difference !