DRY YOUR CAR – STIELOW-Air dehumidifier – against rust, corrosion, Aluminium damage and more...
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STIELOW-Air dehumidifier  – Tradition since 61 years

Type T2 - 1958

AIRDRY 2 - 2010

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Invest for protection of rust and corrosion in a STIELOW- Air Dehumidifier.

In taking this measure, you are protecting your vehicle against rust on a continuous basis, which is seldom applied.

Corrosions are occurred not in the street but due to air humidity, where empty room is available and damp water is built.

STIELOW-air dehumidifiers are in 25 different types of devices, which are suitable for different size of rooms. Series with Alu-frame.tec is standard.

Preserving under covers are now dismissed !
Not an import product! Not in synthetic housing.

STIELOW - This means: 61 years of fine traditional construction of machineries. Made in Germany.

Bet on STIELOW-Air Dehumidifier. Preserve your "classic car" in 20th century with the most beautiful appearance- whereever it is.

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We thank our customers for  the 61 years of confidence.