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Careful value preservation and
 regular maintenance of your car is not enough
to keep it in good condition
in the long term

The vehicle in garage

Every car lover knows the situation- with one car or more than one: 

parking for a long time. . .

Just about everything has been tried to prevent rusting- and in fact there are now protective systems which stop corrosion or even prevent it with inspection and touching up. It is not just a matter of car bodies now, of even wood and leather have to be cared for amd maintained, and to an increasing extent even the electronics and their components.

So it is clear: the vehicle should be moving much more; when this is
the case, thus resulting upon many advantages:
This would setup a moving freedom for the vehicle- to wrap in "bags"
is no longer the wish of collectors anymore, who has
to examine, wait, open and close again....

It should be used when needed. That's the importance of the room climate situation which should be kept under control, in order to prevent corrosion in hidden empty space. In most situation this is discovered too late.

Leather, wood and upholstery protect from humidity, still electrical contact due to air humidity could be corrosive and could damage the wires often.

Only a slight damage in the electrical system could result to a high cost of repair.

Facts: Wherever the vehicle is exposed to high humidity (over 70% relative air humidity is not acceptable), the preserving quality is in danger. The originality of the vehicle is irrecovable after such damage.