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The vehicle in the street

The problem of bodywork deteriotation is as old as the history of the car. When initially had high durability because of the use of a generous quantity of material, was soon endangered by bodies becoming ever more complicated. The influences from cold and warm play a role for the different materials used.

Thus developing a mechanical demand upon the materials. Sunrays play also a role when vehicle is exposed to it.

Finally the combination of chemicals and water increase the influences. Even when dew, rain and salt are no longer an issue for worthful and classic cars (because they are in the garage most of the time), but still normal influence could damage the vehicle.

With a relative air humidity over  50%, which is developed through warming and cooling of the vehicle, a condensation is formed in the cavity of the vehicle.

The time and further change in climates- warm-cold-dry lead on the long run to a corrosive damage, which could destroy a whole part of the vehicle.

The important knowledge realised, is that air humidity are transported to the place where rain water or sprinkle water couldn't reach.

The relative humidity as a whole will damage not only technique but also wood, leather, chromium parts, electrical parts and so on....

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