Projects and techniques are merged in the newest innovation of air dehumidification production. As a leading european manufacturer STIELOW succeeds to realise a concept which is absolutely different and new to air dehumidification.

highly durable
Light Weight
Finish Top
Sound absorbing construction


The immense cost-saving advantage in comparison to all famous air dehumidification procedures, is a single issue upon which STIELOW equipment is amortized after a relatively short period of usage.

The length of life time of this equipment renders important, economical and extremely efffective services in proceeding with  STIELOW-Air dehumidifier.

Besides, the youngest generation of equipment differs considerably among others through finest air technology construction and extremely cooling machine. Get the experience from STIELOW-Air dehumidifying generation with more performance and optimal effects to keep your value.

At first the successful outcome is the 67% weight reduction of the equipment in comparison to the conventional ones with steel sheets finish. Simultaneously this series offers a remarkable sound absorbing reduction with resistible surface which has a top finish for better appearance. 

The latest generation of equipment is highly durable and, as STIELOW equipment  is usually applied, is also very constructive.

Beside the extreme long life and future-determined energy efficiency of the interiors, this equipment is set up with a better optical appearance. The equipment are VALUED for long.

The STIELOW-Cold condensation-Air dehumidifier is also a leading air humidification process on its advancing triumphant path.


The variety of product enables STIELOW-Air dehumidifier to solve any humidity problem reliably and intensively.

The STIELOW-Design leaves wide away the former equipment in box casing and offers sophistication at every point.. STIELOW-Air dehumidifier are therefore preferred, distributed and established in every  market segments.

STIELOW-Service begins upon a negotiation with the customer and a support through STIELOWService-Plus, where  customers are attended by well trained, experienced and qualified personnel. The supply of necessary spare parts is not a question about the manufacturing date of the equipment, as the availability of spare parts are assured and STIELOW-Air dehumidifier can after being popular in 61 years "Spare Part Supply"- truthfully guaranteed...

Sales Representatives – Customers' service and SPARE PART -SUPPLY-GUARANTEE

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