STIELOW Air dehumidifier HANDYDRY TG 40 and TG 50
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All Weather ? !

Nowadays continual weather-related and environmental disasters have become a dangerous feature of the world climate. River straightening and river banks redevelopment work would lead to recurring flood idsasters , as well as the world wide climate changes which are still occurring..

The reason why HANDYDRY-Air dehumidifier provide technology indispensable in the field of the removal of flood and water damage. These products made in Germany are exported around the world in large quantities and are valuable worldwide, , due to the difference made between cheap plastic device and specially for applying in international catastrophic areas is STIELOW Devices of unbeatable value.

Just for the conclusion at  these special international areas, an equipment repair on site is not possible and a breakdown of devices could cause a dreadful consequence.

Leading in Energy consumption per litre

Regular international application of  HANDYDRY-Devices are references which speak for themself.

At STIELOW there is no confession about the long life durability of the products and their qualities. on the contrary to the usual Trend: cheaper, lighter, more synthetic, which should be broken quickly -  STIELOW-Product HANDYDRY stand against.

Everybody interesting in this product can take advantage of our testing device with which serious quality would be offered.

Serious Quality Advantages