STIELOW Air dehumidifier  HANDYDRY TG 20, TG 30 and TG 10
HANDYDRY TG 20, TG 30 and TG 10 | HANDYDRY TG 40 and TG 50 |

Highly flexible through transport possibilities, pushing, carrying, carrying handles, transporting with crane hooks, sole person usage - in every matter no problem with HANDYDRY-Buildings Dryer. Service businesses, Constructions companies and Equipment renting businesses are obtaining advantages since many years in applying the HANDYDRY-Buildings Dryer.

No matter if one unit is applied or in "Fleet", the “ HANDYDRY-Devices are longer durable as others, within which attempt extreme valency in the daily use even though in renting companies. Damages are almost unknown, the device still have an impressive value after long time of application.

Profiting from over 50 Years...

This fact and its convenient electricity comsumption combined with the simple handling and with all extras needed like the condensate water pump, device socket, special yoke and special paints make this device as a leading equipment.

Trust the original, make no compromises, even though reliability and constant drying are shown in the front.

Speak to us in case of special requirements, we produce european wide for over 300 fleet owner. We feel obliged to accomplish your wish.

... Experience in Building with STIELOW

Standard Equipment:
Large Water Container
Water level indicator lamp
Automatic device-cutout when water container is full
Threaded drain connection for continuous water drainage
XXL Transport rollers
Transport yoke
Carrying handles
Refrigerant R 134a
Axial-flow fan
Hot gas defrosting
Permanent drying

Elapsed time counter
Crane hooks
Special RAL paints
Special paints
as required
XXXL Transport roller with thick tread
V2A Casing
Tropical design
Unit sealing
„Armoured" paintschock– absorbing textured paint
Outer socket
condensate Water pump
Full rubber wheel
Transport yoke if required