Possible Applications – STIELOW Air dehumidifier

Water Damage Rehabilitation

Organisation is strict in applying Device-Equipment in water damaged areas. Water Damage Rehabilitation and air dehumidifier are most important features merged.

The device should be transportable and equiped with the necessary tasks and requirements. Normally, devices with an average capacity segments are preferred, due to the apparent advantages of weight and handling.

STIELOW-Air dehumidifier emphasises a better ideal to this point, with its alu-frame-tec-housing which has only one third of the whole weight through the conventional steel manufacturing procedure.

Because of the high quality construction and the long life durability STIELOW-Air dehumidifier is still applicable after a long usage. This means the used equipment from  STIELOW-Air dehumidifier could be still worth reselling.

The evidences about the reliability works of the device and the robust construction of STIELOW-Air dehumidifier are in the water damaged areas the preferences of the users, owing to the most important production characteristic of reliability which is specially targeting to weave the application of electronics appliances.

Electronical components are used as much as the technology of the device required,  but not as could be applied technically. The low tendency of device breakdown confirmed this construction principle.

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