Possible Applications – STIELOW Air dehumidifier

Food Industry

The food industry has special requirement in the application of air dehumidifier. In this area device with suitable refrigerant should be used.

The first choice is here the  R 134a, which is odourless, not explosive and licensed for food industry. If necessary, the built-in heat exchangers should be specially applied to execute and repair, otherwise food acid and other cooking substance could damage the food processing which could not be resolve.

It is important to choose carefully the right device before applying and if necessary sealed with special aggregate .

Furthermore the construction material is for the device housing important, here is specially the Alu-Frame-tec the construction casing of STIELOW-Air dehumidifier, which in comparison with the  V2- or V4A-range available  offers less advantages.

STIELOW-Air dehumidifiers are being experienced in 61 years  and solved reliably your humidity problem.

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