STIELOW Air dehumidifier ECONOMY Buildings Dryer
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Experience Power through more Performance

The basic device for rehabilitating in case of water damaged and for new buildings drying is from STIELOW Air dehumidifier variety- the Buildings Dryer.

This device is very simple in application, possesses hollow grip on the sides and flexible caoutchouc transporting rollers which are traceless on the ground.

47 Litres-class

The STIELOW alu-frame-tec-concept offers an advantage in weight reduction from 67% at an extreme casing stability.

The anodized surface is predestined for Equipment renting businesses, due to the valency of strong consume quality which it possesses for the daily usage.

The device can be upgraded with condensate water pump, crane hooks or outer socket.
Further extras are also possible.



Purchasing or renting
Equipments renting are available only in Germany
in any quantity required

Extras available are:
Condensate Water pump
Outer socket
Transport rollers if wished
Can be piled if needed
crane hooks

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