STIELOW Air dehumidifier ECONOMY 12P and 10P
ECONOMY 12P and 10P | ECONOMY Building Dryer |

The classic ones in our device range of STIELOW Air dehumidifier are the ECONOMY-Type 12P and 10P, which besides standard elapsed time counter, dehumidifying indicator lamp, defrosting indicator and water level indicator lamp, has also a composed operating board.

Furthermore this series is also equipped with hygrostat and a main switch as standard accessories.

65 - 130 Litres-class

The condensed water flows away through a 3/4"  drainage into a water container of 11 litres volume. A hose can also be directly connected with this device.

The dust fleece filters from the air suction side is washable and the evaporator self-cleaning. The protection standard series  IP53 can be extended to the  IP54.

Leading quality