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At values above 65%: the surrounding air is increasingly saturated with moisture and is less able to absorb water vapour. These conditions are generally referred to as close even when the temperature in Éc is unchanged. If such air conditions are maintained; the development of rheumatism can be encouraged.

Physical work becomes more and more difficult. Living rooms and workrooms is a very far-reaching and serious problem. The natural air and humidity balance is prevented by the use of better and better insulating materials which use vapour barriers.

Ventilation of joints is recommended as a technical issue by unit-built house manufacturers which cannot, however, eliminate the permanent problem of the accumulation of water vapour in occupied rooms. These conditions are detrimental to the health of humans and animals and can lead to permanent illness.

13 Litres-class

Equipment is damaged, solid and veneered furniture suffers. Visible mildew marks invisible fungal spores and visible types of mould, of which more than 1000 different species can be counted, are a high risk and are dangerous to health. Even surface cleaning, barrier coats and protective coats of paint, etc. cannot eliminate this.

There is a nuisance range in which many different allergies can form.Odour nuisances in extreme cases are, in comparison, only an unimportant irritation.

Air humidity values which are below 30% relative humidity, do not feel exactly pleasant, but are quite safe in health terms. The risk of infective illnesses is quite clearly reduce, since germs and viruses are minimised by dryness and finally die.


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