STIELOW Air dehumidifier  AIRDRY 2 and AIRDRY 1
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Future determined energy saving

STIELOW-Air dehumidifier Type AIRDRY 2 and AIRDRY 1 are available with an integrated inclined evaporator which capture condense water promptly and transport to the waste pipe work. The condense water aims to drop on the edge of the heat exchangers.

The new design results to a better effectivity of the water withdrawal, due to the evaporation of water humidity which is almost zero in the current air.

65 - 130 Litres-class

These equipments could be placed, without any disadvantage, directly to the wall, the air suction is proceeded at from the tilt of the equipment without any prevention. This carrying handles series cares for a better handling.

The STIELOW alu-frame-tec-concept offers a weight reduction advantage of the casing of  67% in comparison to the conventional finish.