Compressed Air Humidifier self-cleaning (using Air Pressure)
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Twin-component nozzle / Air Pressure - Water Treatment is only optional:

The twin-component nozzle system will be installed by the manufacturer on place and will be set ready for use.

This system use normal tap water coming from waterworks, which will be transported by air pressure to the Stielow-Jet-Nozzles mounted on the pipe lines. Soft and misty breeze will be atomized for humidifying.

This system has a central controlling panel for steering and controlling, hygienic and easy to use.

This complete system is being sold and not rented. Renting cost is saved.

Our Twin-Components Nozzle system has advantages as follows:

STIELOW atomizing nozzles D-Zw is being moulded from one unit of material and galvanized. The durability of this product is most high and the maintenance requirement is at a minimum.

The complete sealing part of a nozzle cost around €2,41 and the recommended exchange interval of this unit is after 12 month of usage. The durability of this unit is at least 5 years.

3. The nozzles are mounted on a constructed light metal grip for a solid hold of the tubing and are positioned in the whole area. Thus resulting to a rapid humidifying effect comparing to the nozzle which is assembled in group. The factor adiabatic cooling is distributed adequately in room and not considered as annoying.

4. STIELOW atomizing nozzles D-Zw could be used with demineralized water or optionally potable water. The nozzles are self-cleaning  and processing safe. The modern interior geometry allowed  processing with less air pressure than needed.On process the nozzles make some sounds but is not completely quiet.

Nozzles Double Installation


Guarantees and standards STIELOW-JET AIR HUMIDIFIER Technologies 

We guaranteed the water

Module structure – This system
  is could be enlarged with further

Full automatic processing

Hygienic and approved process
  with demineralised water

Resistible to dust and dirt

Remove electrostatic loading

 Complete mounting by the

Stainless Steel pipes, closed
  pipe work system

Long life time durability

Absolute Hygiene Processing.

Computerized Systems

STIELOW-Central Control Systems

STIELOW- Complete Installation  
Advising – Financing – Servicing