Compressed Air Humidifier self-cleaning (WITH Air Pressure)
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STIELOW-JET Twin-Component-Nozzles Systems – Constructive– Uncomplicated


In-house Hygiene-Certificate


The STIELOW-JET-Twin-Component Nozzles Systems

form the well-proven basis of STIELOW air humidification systems. Seven twin-component nozzles, 3 regulators and 6 central control systems are available for use as standard components.

The systems are robust air humidification system, which have been proven in use throughout the world, and are used successfully in the most up-to-date.production facilities as well as in the roughest export conditions.

Twin-Component nozzles in general provide high inherent compression and as the primary element for the water particles they feed the compressed air into atomization process.

98% of all STIELOWJET twin-component humidification systems are installed and started up by our own specialist personnel. The nozzles are mounted individually or in pairs under the workshop ceiling on a compressed air and potable water pipeline which is stabilized by an alloy U channel.
Drinking Water From Waterwork To The Nozzles!