Airless High-end Air Humidifier with Diamond (Without Air Pressure)
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Rationalization Through Air Humidification With STIELOW


The core of the system is the STIELOW-JET Diamond mono-component nozzle. The nozzles are mounted on the ceiling of the hall individually and provided with an air compressor so that moisture particles and adiabatic cooling are not simply effective locally but are distributed rapidly throughout the room. The size of the moisture particles is less than 10 microns. Each system is equipped with a central supply unit which consists of a DINO softening unit, a DINO reversed osmosis system, a DINO clear water hydraulic system (150 bar) and a humidity controller.

The demineralized water thus produced is now compressed and atomized at 40 to 80 bar - according to the type and design of system, whereby the STIELOW-JET 5.4-2/6.2-2 diamond mono-component nozzle, which is fitted with an industrial diamond has a water outlet diameter of less than 0.1mm. The hardness of the diamond ensures at least four times the service life of the nozzle mouthpiece as opposed to traditionally-manufactured nozzles such as those made from V4A. Even ceramic mouthpieces don't  achieve the service live of the industrial diamond.

It is only with the fitting of a diamond to the  nozzle that the reproducible accuracy of the droplet spectrum becomes possible no matter whether 10 or 100 nozzles are mounted on one nozzle section the atomization form is identical on all nozzles.

Due to their higher service lives and the fact that the DINO clear water hydraulic system makes it unnecessary to install an air compressor this system offers an interesting alternative to twin-component nozzles in the higher performance segments.

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