STIELOW JET Air Humidifying Technologies
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Humidifying With Gentle Breeze!!!

Air Humidifier With Diamond.


Our Philosophy

STIELOW Air Humidification Technologies– STIELOW products are developed entirely in-house from the initial draft right through to the finished series part.

Engineering of the highest quality is your guarantee for first class products – MADE IN GERMANY.

Apart from a fully matured technical standard , the extremely reliable STIELOW JET products with their high quality level form the basis for a long durability.

Our Tradition

61 Years of experience show the correct way- for competence, efficiency and reliability. Process Technology and Know-How form the basis for cooperative partnerships with all our customers, combined with supplier loyalty.

Spare parts are available for all STIELOW-Jet products ever manufactured.

STIELOW-Jet products are in use on all continents, around the clock, seven days a week....and have been for decades.

Our Process Technology

At STIELOW the customers' problems are in the best hands.

STIELOW recognizes your problem and offers you a reliable solution..

We offer you the right solution from our product range. If your problem is more specialized we will also supply a customized process engineering solution. If necessary also with nozzles from our special manufacturing range.

Yet always in the interest of a good and economic solution to your problem.

The STIELOW symbol is the sign for this....Guarantee!