Compressed Air Humidifier self-cleaning (Using Air Pressure)
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STIELOW-JET Plant with Air Pressure

Progressive High-Tech Air Humidification

The new product from the house of STIELOW offers the most up-to-date, progressive air humidification with the reliability of a large STIELOW Air Humidification Plant – in top technology, but also as a compact model designed for rooms with volumes of up to 1000 cbm..

Fully automatic
Ready to plug in – no installation
No maintenance contracts required
  through logical technology
Hygienically exceptional

Potable water is used as the moistening medium. This water flows directly from the waterworks to the nozzle point without any intermediate tanks. There is no danger from germs and this system is operated without water treatment.

The most important advantages of the automatic STIELOW-JET-humidification system at a glance:

Progressive air humidification with a
  performance range from 0 to 100%

Central, fully-automatic control

No constant maintenance costs

Designed according to all the stipulations of
  the different trade associations; rating:
  Hygienically exceptional

Atomization performance 0.16 - 8l/h.

Self-cleaning atomization cowling

Air entry pressure manometer

Water entry pressure manometer

Operating air pressure manometer

Main switch 230 V 1 N ~ 50/60 Hz

Electrical humidity measuring unit with
  humidity sensor



Compressed air requirement: 3 Ncbm/h
Water connection: 1/2’’
Compressed air connection: 1/4’’
Dimensions: 500 x 530 x 240 mm (W x H x D)
Weight: 20 kg