Airless High-end Air Humidifier With Diamond (Without Air Pressure)
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Increase your wellbeing in controlling the humidity and temperature of rooms



Controlling Panel –
Information at a glance

STIELOW-Switching Board

Guarantees and standards STIELOW-JET AIR HUMIDIFIER Technologies:

We guaranteed the water treatment

We define new hygiene

Module structure – This system is could
  be enlarged with further units

Full automatic processing

Hygienic and approved process with
  demineralised water

Resistible to dust and dirt

Prevent dust increase in room climate

Remove electrostatic loading

Complete mounting by the manufacturer

Stainless Steel pipes, closed pipe work


Long life time durability

Hygienic Prophylaxis OXIULTRA 27

Computerized Systems

With in-house Hygiene-Certificate for all German Trade Associations

We define new hygiene!