Airless High-End Air Humidifier with Diamond (Without Air Pressure)
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Humidifying With Diamond - Facts and Accessories

Facts at a glance:

Diamond Mono-Component Nozzle

Optimising production of the company

Exceptional and highly remarkable hygiene under Regulations VDI 6022

Increasing employees’ well-being at work, reducing dust pollution of the room and producing pure air, thus preventing dry skin and membrane fluid. Prevention of cold diseases.

Protect appliances e.g. the computer from data lost and breakdown.

Through better climate moisture, keep human organs healthy and increase your personal ability.

Usage of highly pure and clear water

Noiseless nozzle and low sounds processing

Hygienic prophylaxis OXIULTRA 27



Perfect and accurate droplet of the atomised water rejection

Maintenance service on site

No renting expense*(Hydraulic Pump and Water Treatment Plant cannot be rented, are being sold only- effectively a low cost factor)

2 levels softener and required no regeneration’s process - time saving

Install by manufacturer

Low energy cost

Hygienic Certificate

500 bar mono-component resistance

Minimum nozzle’s lifetime is increased up to 5 times


Water hydraulic with low pulsation process

Free of cavitations

Prompt attendance for international servicing

Single positioning of nozzles

Appropriate performance is done automatically

No accumulated exposure of water, due to pipe work system.

Extremely well circulated and free of draught

Cleaning of germ on standby position

Booster Pump Set

Watertank DINO

Hardening Dosage -Controller

Humidity Controller ST-4

In-house Hygiene-Certificate

No Compromise – Hygiene-Safe series