Possible Applications – STIELOW JET Air Humidifier

Textile Industry

The textile industry is originally the core focussed market segment for air humidification. It is very effective for spinning mills, weaving mills, for Work-in-progress and production of synthetic fibre or natural fibre, which are safe with the right and optimal air humidity.

The most common interrupting issues occurred due to a low level of air humidity are the standard cracked colour and the electrostatic charging which could result to fire hazard.

The flowing of material will be interrupted, the productivity will be lowered and specially the quality will be deeply damaged.

If you give value for a problem-free production and for a high quality requirement , then the setting up of an ideal air humidifier for processing will be a decisive criteria. The relative air humidity needed here should be between 55 and 90%,it also depends on the raw material or the production method used.

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