Possible Applications – STIELOW JET Air Humidifier

Graphic Industry

In the graphic industry sector, modern production processes are demanded  for a  relative constant humidity of 55%. If the humidity decreases to 40% r.h.,  the production will not proceed smoothly.

The production speed will be low, interruption through delay, register differences, electrostatic charging and dust whirling are consequently the unevitable issues.

Secure the constant production results in operating with STIELOW-JET Air humidifying technologies and simultaneously you achieve a healthy room climate for your employees, well-being and comfort - scientifically proven -  are considerably increased.

Additional advantages are acheived in operating with STIELOW-Water Treatment System DINO, which besides providing an optimal air humdification technology with impeccable water, providing also process-water for the printing machine.

Colour roll last longer, over 50%
Constant need of humidity water-additive
Reduction of alcohol printing
Equal PH value
No blank processing
Constant printing results

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