Possible Applications – STIELOW JET Air Humidifier


Well-being, increasing performance ability, low tiredness,  reduction of electric smog, elimination of dust particles, prevention of overheating rooms, elimination of hot and sultry heating climate, acheivement a healthy effect to lungs- "Green Lungs"- these are the important factors which  STIELOW-JET-Air Humidifier Technologies could promise you in office areas.

With fine diamond nozzles STIELOW-JET-Comformaten will be atomizing humidity in the concerning rooms or areas so fine that the employee could perceive only the pleasant advantage of the equipment.

Moreover each employee could adjust the relative humidity wished with the equipment and the performance from 0 – 100%.

Such optimal air humidifier technology has an approval in all application sectors. The increase in well-being is noticeable, reduction sickness problems - scientifically proved -  the performing ability is positively increased in using this system, please see also  „ Editorial Contribution“ on this homepage.

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