Possible Applications – STIELOW JET Air Humidifier

Wine Cellar

The circumstances under which an optimal storage and ripening process should be set up is upon an optimal air humidifying. The right air humidity is between 75 to 85% relative humidity in room climate. 80% of deteriorated wine are occured due to unwanted cork taste, which is resulting under unsuitable cellaring circumstances and a lack of air humidity.

Furthermore the shrinkage through evaporation at a low air humidity is a very important theme. If a water refilling hasn't been done, the quality of this wine will not be the one expected, the deterioration risk is high.

Surely a wine development with high quality level in wood barrel is only upon constancy of temperature and enough high air humidity to be guaranteed.

For this sector three air humidifier systems are available at STIELOW, so that unpleasant problems regarding wine development could be prevented.

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