Possible Applications – STIELOW JET Air Humidifier

Industrial Sectors

For example  in:

Weaving mills
Spinning mills
Dye houses
Textile production industry
Tufting machines
Upholstery workshops
Joiner's shops
Window production plants
Painting shops
Extraction System
Wood processing industry
Wood drying chambers
Wood gluing systems
Furniture production
Plastics processing
Plastics production
Use in underground mining
Explosion protection
Chemical plants
Chemical industry
Direct machine humidification
Printing plants
Paper storages
Book binder's workshops
Paper industry
Graphic industry
Screen printing plants
Printing plate production
Dust reduction
Potato storages
Fruit ripening storages
Event Parks
Dried fruits
Nut storage
Filling and sorting plants
Poultry farms
incubating system
Cold-storage houses
Cold-storage counters
Food production
Food industry
Cheese dairies
Cheese ripening rooms
Mushroom cultivation
Confectionery production
Plant propagation
Ripening rooms
Concrete block production
Production of precast concrete parts
Stage humidification
Recycling sorting plants
Dressage and riding halls
Air ducts
Offices /administrative buildings
Drug production

Sterilisation Areas
Air conditioning sytems
Air conditioning management
Automotive industry
and many more...

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