Compressed Air Humidifier self-cleaning (Using Air Pressure)
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The Nozzles
The precise air humidification technologies of the STIELOW-JET brand, which have been patented throughout the world, have become a synonym for high quality air conditioning solutions in all areas of air humidification.

Sales partner are available to our customers on all continents.

STIELOW Air-Humidifying Technologies with Mono-Component Nozzle STIELOW-JET 5.4-2/6.2-2 Diamond or STIELOW-JET Twin-Component-Nozzles are designed, planned and finally installed by STIELOW as turnkey projects to hand over to the customer.

The comprehensive guarantees safeguard our customers and protect them from bad investments. Our complete offers are generally fixed price quotations no matter whether in Africa or Canada - Worldwide


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