Compressed Air Humidifier self-cleaning (Using Air Pressure)
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Self-Cleaning Nozzles

The pipeline is made of hard PVC- or if desired in PP material. Every installation includes operator training on site during the installation work. Every twin-component nozzle system includes a central controller with a humidity controller.

The system operates fully automatic. The humidity level is set and displayed on the regulator in either analog or digital. The central controller receives switch pulses from the regular of the  opening and closing of the solenoid valves on the water and air supply lines.

The standard central controllers are provided with pressure relief whereby with each switch pulse a small amount of water is led into water drain. Excepted from this are the pneumatically-controlled D-Zw/4-DST atomization nozzles, which require no water drain. Due to the design of the central controller the possibility of moisture precipitation in the room can be excluded- even if the electrical power or the compressed air supply fails.

The ST 1-B-L-4 humidity regulator- apart from its main hygrostat- also has a second safety hygrostat, which can take over the regulating function if the main regulator fails and until it is repaired. Within the scope of our special manufacturing range it is also possible to order humidity regulators in explosion-proof versions.

Every single nozzle has its own precision adjustment feature and can therefore be optimally adapted to every room situation as desired. The D-Zw/4-DST nozzle is already preset in our factory. The nozzles are generally controlled by means of the water pressure and in the case of the type D-Zw/4-DST nozzle they are controlled pneumatically.


Atomization nozzles D and D-08 have their own self-cleaning system for the suction mouthpiece (water nozzles) , in case of the D-Zw/3, D-Zw/4-DST, D-Zw/6, D-Zw/10 and D-Zw/20 nozzles there is additional self-cleaning of the atomization cowling (water/air mixture outlet).

Every D-Series nozzle is therefore self-cleaning such that twice per hour self-cleaning of the suction mouthpiece and/or the atomization cowling takes place by means of the built-in needle piston.

The nozzles are completely made from non-ferrous heavy metal and are corrosion-proof due to their surface treatment. If required all nozzles can be ordered in V4A within the scope of our special manufacturing range.

The greatest value has been placed on the design of all our control and regulating components so that due to their robust design many years of trouble-free operation can be ensured even under the hardest conditions. The twin-component nozzle systems have proved themselves well for 61 years.

Twin-component nozzle systems are only subject to slight wear because of their advantages. An above-average service life can thus be expected which otherwise  is not known of in the air humidification area.

Through the adiabatic cooling (latent heat) - for example in machine rooms with a high level of heat development - a cooling effect of approx. 4-5 ƒC can be achieved at temperatures of 30 to 35ƒC , which can understandably be further influence by the water temperature -  assuming corresponding design of the air humidification performance.

The useful side effect - apart from the functional safety of the machine and our guarantee of the manufacturing quality - plays an important role - for example in the textile industry.

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