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Our Offer

STIELOW will attend to you without obligation and will be pleased to spare time for you.

Quotation will be issued on any wish.All STIELOW-Jet products are supplied fully assembled- worldwide- and only through STIELOW Employees ... garanteed!

So you enjoy the advantage of service from one supplier - wherever you are based.

STIELOW - Industrial Partner Since 61 Years

For more than 61 years STIELOW-JET Air Humidification Systems with atomization nozzles have proved themselves to be exceptionally suitable in paper, textile and wood-processing businesses as well as in warehouses, nurseries and other types of business.

We need your satisfaction.

The STIELOW- JET - Air - Humidification System offers the following remarkable advantages in comparison to other types of air humidification system:

Minimum procurement costs

Modular construction principle for every room size, can be extended at any time

Rational installation and fast commissioning

Fully automatic operation

Largely maintenance-free operation with self -cleaning nozzles (cleaning of the suction mouthpiece or twin- cleaning of water nozzles/atomization cowling) or demineralized water operation for mono-component nozzles

Space-saving mounting under the ceiling of the room


The effect of nozzles is not impaired in dusty rooms

The performance of each nozzle system as well as the fineness of the water particles can be varied

Long service life with corrosion-free pipeline materials


Fully Automatic – Space-saving – Absolute hygienic