Airless High-End Air Humidifier (Without Air Pressure)
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Humidifying With Gentle Breeze - The Air Humidifier With Diamond




STIELOW- Water Treatment Plant DINO

Mono-Component Nozzle Technology 

This machinery works upon the installation of water hydraulic with high-pressure-system which, manufactured by Stielow GmbH, would be mounted and installed ready for use on place by the company itself.

By applying a modern STIELOW Water softener plant, hardness of salts in water will be removed and after an osmotic process, this will also be dealkalised. Thus obtaining fully softened water, highly pure and crystal clear, this water is used in the Diamond-Nozzle STIELOW-JET for almost an invisible streaming of Gentle BREEZE

The humidity of the room is as fine as the air, thus achieving the effect – To Keep your Lung Healthy – The Best Climate Condition for your room

We execute severely under the requirements of State’s Regulations-Health and Safety Act VDI 6022, which contains a maintenance booklet in accordance to all stipulations of German Trade Association as well as the in-house Hygienic Certificate.

Research and Development, Production in our own company in Germany as well as Plant configuration, assembling and Euro-Express servicing are always being offered by STIELOW.

 The whole assembly of plant is done by the manufacturer-Worldwide.


STIELOW- The Whole Installation
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