Drupa 2008 – Impression and  News

1. Day – 29. 5. 2008

First impression of the  Drupa

Eight from ten visitors came from  foreign countries. It is an absolute highlight of the industry that takes place every 4 years and has an  immense popularity.

To see the STIELOW-JET-Air Technology as top product  in hall 16, draw special attention through its extremely fine atomization from the nozzles with the motto: "Humidification with gentle breeze"

The high quality of the atomization is due to the DIAMONDS coming in use, which produce the absolute constant accuracy of the droplets spectrum at every nozzle and guarantee an absolute regularity. 

STIELOW … hygienic air humidification – we are the pioneer.

In-house Hygiene-Certificate for all German Trade Associations


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