STIELOW-Air dehumidifier– BASIC small – BASIC medium – BASIC large
Air dehumidifier BASIC

STIELOW-Air dehumidifier BASIC-

STIELOW Air De-Humidifiers are being produced in Germany and are distributed throughout the globus.

Choose the reliable path with STIELOW-AIR DEHUMIDIFIER BASIC

Principally STIELOW- BASIC is produced with experience of 61 years in the construction sector.

The matured product line is available in three performing classes and contains the characteristic featured equipment needed. STIELOW Air De-Humidifier BASIC could be used in full automatic or cost-optimising-process and achieves still a high de-humidifying output at a low sound development.  It is set out for a working range of  5ƒ to 40ƒC.

STIELOW-Air dehumidifier BASIC – The efficient solution for your humidity problems (Not suitable for waterworks!)

Technical Data:

BASIC small

BASIC medium

BASIC large
Max. Capacity m 100-200 400 600
Compressor PS 0,2 0,25 0,33
Compressor KW 0,15 0,18 0,24
VoltageV/Hz 230/50 230/50 230/50
Current Consumption
Connected Load / Watt
250 360 480
Refrigerated Capacity kcal/h 170 320 410
Max. dehydration
in 24 h./L
12,5 24,5 45,0
30C / 70% 7,9 15,1 29,1
20C / 70% 5,9 8,9 17,9
8C / 70% 3,4 4,4 5,8
Air capacity cbm/h 200 490 590
Working range C 5-40 5-40 5-40
Height mm
590 590 590
Depth mm
340 340 340
Width mm
380 380 380
Net weight kg 20,9 21,0 23,9
Water container
Capacity / L
10 10 10
Refrigerant R 134a R 134a R 134a


STIELOW advantages:

Air grid is made from anodized aluminium

Steel sheet casings with decorative resisting coat

Optimal output in extended room’s humidity and temperature

Hygrostat fully automatic for adjusting

Automatic hot gas defrosting

Switch off automatically when water container is full

Carrying handles
4 steering wheels, two for standstill

Tubing connection for continuous water drain

Washable air filters

All internal parts of equipment are stainless

Full automatic, ready to put in process, plug


Development and Technique  Made in Germany.
STIELOW-Air dehumidifiers are produced in Germany and worldwide distributed .